Questions to Ask Your Hip Resurfacing Surgeon

Will you perform my hip resurfacing personally or have
an assistant do the surgery?

 How many resurfacings have you done? (not observed or assisted

with or including hemi-resurfacings)


Where did you train?


 How many complications have you had?


How many resurfacing failures with revision to THR have you had?


How many loose acetabular cups have you had?

Did they require a

second surgery to repair or a revision to a THR?


How many times during surgery have you had to change to a THR instead

of a resurfacing and why was the change made?


For what reasons would you switch from resurfacing to a THR

after starting the surgery?

If you switch, what device would you be using for a THR?


What hip resurfacing device (prosthesis) do you use, how long have you been using it

and why do you prefer it?


Do you use cemented or uncemented hip resurfacing device? Why?


Will you be preserving my hip capsule?


What anesthetic do you use?


How long does the surgery take?


What surgical approach do you use? Anterior or Posterior?


What is your normal incision length?


Do you use staples, self absorbing stitches, drains,
etc. ?


What is your post-op pain control plan?


What hospital do you use?


What is their infection rate?


Have any of your patients had infections that required IV antibiotics

following resurfacing?


What drugs/methods do you use for anti-coagulation after surgery?


How long will I be in hospital?


How successful have you been obtaining insurance approvals for



What is the rehab protocol?


When will I be 100% weight bearing after surgery?


What assistive devices will I use for walking after surgery?


How long on 2 crutches, 1 crutch, cane?


What if any restrictions do you place on your patients after surgery

and how long do they last?


Will I be given any at home nurse or PT care?


How does my other hip look at this time?


If both hips are bad, how do you handle bilateral resurfacing?


Is there anything unusual about my hip that might

present problems?


Do you have other hip resurfacing patients that I

could talk to about their experience?


What is your opinion of when I can return to work and
other activities including sports?


Have you done resurfacing for anyone who has returned to these