Hip Resurfacing is very near and dear to my heart – and left hip. I believe it is a wonderful option to a THR if you are a suitable candidate. People with painful hips want to begin living an active life again without pain. They don’t want restrictions to their favorite sports and activities. Hip Resurfacing offers that opportunity to return to a normal active life without the fear of dislocation and other THR restrictions. Hip Resurfacing is also bone conserving.
Hip Resurfacing allows you to have a natural gait since you retain all of your
femur bone except for the small amount reshaped at the ball.  If and when a revision would be necessary, you have a complete femur bone left for a revision.
The BHR has the longest and best record of all resurfacing devices world wide
according to several National Registries and many medical studies. I believe in hip resurfacing and have a left resurfaced hip with a BHR.

I was very fortunate to meet a local man in my town that had a hip resurfacing with Dr. Amstutz in CA. He told me about the procedure. I then joined the Yahoo Surface Hippy Discussion Group and found very supportive people with a large amount of information that believed in hip resurfacing. I found the discussion group offered a large amount of information, but it was difficult to search back through thousands of posts to research a specific topic or doctor. There was not a good index of information. So I decided to start a website to include much of the information from the Discussion Group and additional information I had found while searching the internet about hip resurfacing. I called the website Surface Hippy.

The Surface Hippy Website has continued to grow and is almost a full time job for me to maintain. I feel it is an important tool for people seeking information about hip resurfacing.

The Surface Hippy website was set up as a Patient to Patient Guide to Hip Resurfacing, but was not set up to post information about all the new media coverage about hip resurfacing.
The amount of news about Hip Resurfacing has really escalated since the FDA Approval in May 2006.  I decided to set up a Hip Resurfacing News Blog to help keep people informed about all the new information from the press, media and other sources.