Andrew Liptak Hip Resurfacing Dr. Sheinkop 2007

Andrew Liptak Hip Resurfacing Story
Bi Lat  BHRs  July and September 2006   Dr. Sheinkop

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I am a clinical R.N. at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop did bilateral hip resurfacings 2 months apart for me this past July and Sept. I have rehabbed very well and expect to return to my previous position this week. Much of the cartilage had worn away from my femoral heads over the years especially due to being a martial artist and it finally caught up with … Read the rest

Alan Ray Insurance Appeal Letters

By Alan Ray  LBHR with Dr. De Smet  12/15/2004 

THE APPEAL LETTER TO CIGNA (NAU IS "national appeals unit") 
 I have received your written notice, dated Aug. 27, 2004, denying my initial request for pre-authorization for left hip surface arthroplasty. With this letter and attachments, the request is being re-submitted for further consideration as an appeal of the initial denial.
 I am a 55-year-old male diagnosed in March of this year with end-stage osteoarthritis of the left hip, with “some component of dysplasia”.  The result of the condition is that I am unable to engage in the … Read the rest

Alan Ray Hip Resurfacing Dr. De Smet 2004


By Alan Ray  LBHR with Dr. De Smet  12/15/2004

Opening notes: Yo, hippy kids, as promised, this is the diary of my trip to a new life in Belgium. Al from Brussels, and Dr. Tom Simpson of San Francisco, among others, have provided useful, practical reference diaries. Dr. Tom’s details quite better than I could the medical issues, considerations and procedures. I will avoid telling the stories or details of the trips of others in the 12/15/04 Belgium Band, because I have only truly my piece of the puzzle. Bear in … Read the rest

Adept Hip Device

Finsbury Orthopaedics has set the standards in metal-on-metal design and manufacturing technology since the early 1990s. The ADEPT Hip System is the accumulation of our experience and includes both resurfacing and total hip options.

Unique flexibility of sizing is provided with 2mm increments on the head which allows for 2 cup sizes for every head and 2 head sizes for every cup. Not only is this feature bone conserving, but it also assists with optimising the range of motion.

The critical features of the ADEPT system and technical rationale are based entirely on clinical history rather than short-term mechanical studies. … Read the rest

Acetabular Bone Loss

One of my patients from India who has had a resurfacing, briefed me on the current discussion in the surfachippy forum regarding Dr. Klappers opinion of losing acetabular bone in an attempt to preserve femoral head bone in resurfacing. He wanted to know my opinion and I thought it would be appropriate for me to post my answer in this forum. Dr. Klapper’s opinion is way off the mark. The acetabular size is the most important factor which determines the choice of femoral head size in resurfacing and one never removes more acetabular bone in hip resurfacings. In other words … Read the rest