Leslie Hip Resurfacing Mr. Treacy 2007 – Figure Skater

October 19, 2007
So, I am 2 1/2 weeks out from my hip resurfacing with Mr. Treacy in Birmingham, UK. The plane flight back to Colorado was easy on my hip but just very draining overall. This was my second hip surgery on my right hip, prior to the BHR I had surgery for labral tears, microfracture and the rebuilding of my ligementum teres, which was a stabilizing ligament between the femoral head and the acetablum. I am not that young at 43, but very active, plus tall 5’9′ and 125 lbs with a very small frame. I must admit … Read the rest

CG’s Hip Resurfacing with Mr. Treacy 2011

July 13, 2011 I have just had my hip done and just found this site. I
was at first referred to my local hospital by my gp. They said they
would fit me with a ceramic total job and would have to stop skiing as
well as curtail my other sporting activities. Not happy with that I did
some research and found Mr. Traecy on the web. Impressed with his
qualifications I asked my gp to refer me to him. He was very reluctant
and did his best to talk me out of it. He also said our local trust… Read the rest

Kal Hip Resurfacing Mr. Treacy 2008

I left San Francisco on June 19 on upper class ticket with
Virgin-Atlantic non-stop (10.5 hours) and arrived on June 20 in London. My
girlfriend Debbie, her daughter and my daughter accompanied me and we stayed the
weekend in London and left to Birmingham(2.5 hour drive) on Sunday June 22 –
rented an apartment in city centre near shopping center known as Mailbox. Nice
area with ample restaurants and grocery store within walking distance and only
10 minute cab ride to hospital. Checked into Priory hospital following day June
23 at 11am, which is a day prior to surgery. Mr. … Read the rest

Bill Thom Hip Resurfacing Mr. Treacy 2009

My name is Bill Thom, aged 67 and a Scot living in London.   My hip
operation was a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure and was done on
November 2nd 2009.   I had been consulting my surgeon Mr. Ronan Treacy for
about 7 years as my hip was gradually deteriorating which made it difficult
for me to enjoy an active life.    I am an accomplished ski-er and I also
play tennis every week.   It was becoming increasingly clear that the BHR
solution was pretty ideal for me and eventually, the hip joint showed signs
of serious wear and Mr. Treacy advised that … Read the rest