Matt’s Hip Resurfacing with Mr. McMinn 2015 Update

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April 27, 2016

So happy with having had this done. Like most, scared beforehand. But what a year. I am so happy, I’m loving it, and could shed a tear of joy.

I’m rowing as much as I want, running a bit now too, fit, well, oh and golfing as much as I want too. And walking the dog every day. As well as career and family of course. Where previously the day after golf I was sore and it limited me, no more. So running around playing with the kids … no problem whatsoever.… Read the rest

Pete’s 18 Month BHR Update

May 18, 2016

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18 months post-op that all is going really well and that my metal hip is probably the best bit of me!

Running is getting better all the time, still not doing major mileages in training because my natural hip can get ‘limpy’ but speed is improving with intervals and treadmill work, current PBs are 23:07 for 5k and 48:11 for 10k (last Sunday) and these equate to a Master’s percentage of 72.5 (my best ever was around 74% so I am not complaining). I can run for a couple of hours/13 miles … Read the rest

Marc Earnshaw LBMHR 26/05/06 RBMHR 02/11/06 Mr. McMinn

As I stand today my bilateral BMHR had been a complete success – I can’t even remember how terrible my life was before I had this done 🙂 It’s over a year since I had hip no 2 done and over 18 months since the first.

I had very bad bilateral AVN and that is the reason Mr. McMinn decided I should go for the new BMHR device. I have to say I am really glad I did 🙂

From my conversations with Mr. McMinn, the device was invented with AVN in mind as he was seeing young people with … Read the rest

Gary Daun’s BMHR with Mr. McMinn 2007

I received a BMHR from Dr. McMinn in May of this year. The reason I went
to him was for a couple of reasons: my hip had progressed to a point
where DeSmet and a number of surgeons in the US did not feel totally
confident they could do a resurf. And, even if they could, they would
not be able to address the 1" length discrepancy. My bad hip was about
1" shorter than my good hip. So, why McMinn? Well, the big reason was
that he had started doing a procedure called the BMHR (Birmingham Mid
Head Resection), … Read the rest

Mitchell Hill Hip Resurfacing Mr. McMinn 1991

Mitchell Hill Celebrates 20 Years with his Metal-on-Metal Hip Resurfacing

Mitchell Hill had a McMinn Cementless Resurfacing in 1991 at the age of just 24. Following his surgery he was able to get back to a pain free, active lifestyle. He recently celebrated the 20th year of his MoM Hip Resurfacing. View his interview below. Read the rest

Carl Fletcher 14 Year Anniversary of BHR with Mr. McMinn in 1998

Published on Oct 4, 2012 In 1998 Carl Fletcher received a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing from Mr Derek McMinn. Over the last 13 years Carl has lead a busy and active lifestyle. Since his operation to combat hip arthritis Carl has taken up a number of sports including paragliding. Carl talks about his experience with the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) and how it has benefitted him. The BHR was developed in Birmingham by Mr McMinn and his team in 1997 and continues to be used successfully 15 years later. For more information on Mr McMinn, the BHR, Hip Resurfacing & Knee… Read the rest