Mike Carrol’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Schmalzried 2004

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Navy Chief Petty Officer Mike Carrol deployed to Iraq in 2007 and
remains on active duty today, at 53, to train fellow reservists.

Mike Carroll couldn’t touch his knees together. Couldn’t play
basketball with his children. Couldn’t walk other than taking "a big
limp," he said.

The former Navy SEAL wasn’t going to let those limitations drown his
dream of returning to the special-warfare compound in Coronado to
help in the war effort.

At age 49 in 2006, Carroll wasn’t the oldest SEAL to re-enlist after
an absence. But he was certainly not the usual face … Read the rest

Gian Starita Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Schmalzried 2012

I am a 40 year old active father of 2 small children, so I
needed to get the hip done to enjoy life and really play with my kids. I
had a Birmingham resurface of the left hip with Dr. Schmalzried
November 14, 2012. I was off crutches by the 3rd day, no need for a
cane. Pain was in the 1-3 range for the first week, although I was only
taking Tylenol codeine (Norco) and refused to take the oxycontins. So
pain was not bad, but could have been better if I took the painkillers. I
was driving within

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Moose Connolly Hip Resurfacing Dr. Schmalzried 2012

After struggling with hip pain since 2007 which, despite a lot of strength &
core exercises and staying active, steadily got worse. Thanks to this site, I
was able to research the hip resurfacing option and find a doctor I was
comfortable with.

I am one week post op (operation June 18, 2012). Other than
some nausea from the anesthesia on day of surgery, my pain level never exceeded a
2 or 3 (10 being worst pain).

One week post op I am walking using only one
crutch and each day am seeing rather large improvement in range of motion … Read the rest

Ted’s Hip Resurfacing Dr. Schmalzried 2008

Pat, Thanks for your website it really helped me
navigate the process. I’m 50, athletic, arthritic (ankylosing
spondylitis), bone on bone in both hips. I had a right Birmingham
hip mid-Nov with Dr. Schmalzried. I would say so far a very
successful story.

He had me get on a stationary bike the day after I got home and
started PT about a week later. Initial PT was focused on
strengthening and stretching as quickly as able, while being mindful
of wrong angles. PT led to a spinning bike fairly quickly then out
on the road at about 6 weeks.

I … Read the rest

John’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Schmalzried 2009

Oct. 9, 2009

Amazed by the results – Schmalzried

I am a 44 year old who (much like a Golden Retriever) was
apparently born with dysplasia in my right hip. Never really bothered me
growing up though I would have a little pain when I walked a long way and
never knew why. Around age 33 my hip started to ache more often and for more
prolonged periods. By the last couple of years I would go a week or two with
slight pain then one to four weeks of significant pain that made it hard to
sleep and impossible … Read the rest