Jerry RBHR 10/21/08 Dr. Raterman

The following is a detailed diary of my recent BHR hip resurfacing with Dr. Stephan Raterman in Tampa FL. I recorded my progress from surgery day to 16 days post op. I am a 45 year old man and received a right BHR after suffering from OA in my right hip for 7 years.

10/21/2008 Surgery Day – Into surgery at 0700, awake in post-op at 1100. Experiencing bad shakes and chills coming out of the anaesthesia. Nurses cover me with multiple blankets. Moved to room about 1200, still shaking. See family until about 1400. Doing good, but heavily sedated. … Read the rest

Rick Foster’s Hip Resurfacing Dr. Raterman 2010

My name is Rick Foster and I’ve been researching hip replacement
and in particular resurfacing for well over 3 years.  I have found
your Surface Hippy website to be one of, if not the best overall
source of information out there!

I have endured moderate to severe hip pain in both hips for the
last 10+ years and as I have a very active job, I have become very
dependent on aspirin (at LEAST 8 per day) and NSAIDs (at least 2
lodines or 4+Advil per day).  I had been to two ortho surgeons (here
locally in Orlando, FL) who … Read the rest