Smoke Chief Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Kusuma 2009

In the summer of 2009 I had to find a fix for the pain I experienced every
time I played Senior Softball. At age 64, I was using pain killers at every
game. A fellow player told me I probably needed hip surgery, but he recommended
resurfacing over a total replacement. Someone advised me to visit Dr. Kusuma at
Grant Hospital.

After consulting with Dr. Kusuma, I found I was a good candidate for hip
resurfacing, as I had good bone density, was in good physical shape, and I was
not over weight. I was a little concerned due to … Read the rest

Tipper’s Bilateral Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Kusuma 2009/2011

I am 2 years post op this coming June and I wish I would have had them done

The details: I am now 51 years old. I played basketball three times a week up to
age 41. Was athletic all through school growing up. I started having lower back
issues around the age of 42 and went to a chiropractor that did not give me
relief from the pain that I was experiencing. At 46 I went to get X-rays and the
new chiropractor informed me he couldn’t help me and told me to see a Orthopedic
Surgeon. Well, … Read the rest

Eric’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Kusuma 2010

Thanks to Dr. Sharat Kusuma’s skillful use of the Birmingham hip resurfacing
technology, I’ve gone from needing a cane to walk to being able to play soccer
daily as much as 4 hours and chase 4 grandkids…with no pain whatsoever…oh,
and I’m 60.

Got tackled from behind while playing soccer about 10 years ago. May have
dislocated my hip but kept playing soccer in pain anyway for several years.
Tried a variety of physical therapies but still a too much pain to really play
competitively…and eventually so much pain needed a cane to walk.… Read the rest

Mark Preston’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Kusuma 2013

I am a 58 year old surgeon, and I want to share with you my experience with
BHR and Dr Sharat Kusuma.

First of all, I have always been very active and after being diagnosed with
severe OA of the hip I did considerable research into the treatment alternatives
and for many reasons decided that BHR was the appropriate choice for me.
Fortunately, as a surgeon, I have a little better access to inside information,
and choosing Dr Kusuma to do my procedure was an easy task. I had the
opportunity to speak with a number of professionals (other surgeons,… Read the rest

Jcwikla’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr.Kusuma 2013

I have been an avid biker for many years. In the latter part of 2009 I
getting pain in the left hip area. It was moderately annoying during
biking and quite severe
while walking. My primary care MD ordered radiographs and I was found to
have severe arthritic degeneration of the left hip and early
degeneration on the right. I
consulted with several orthopods in my area and they were quick to
recommend hip surgery
with a rod down my leg.

I had heard of Dr. Sharat Kusuma through a mutual friend. He actually
trained with the innovators of … Read the rest

Bobby Dawes Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Kusuma 2010

My name is Bobby Dawes. I was diagnosed with degenerating cartilage (hip) in
1989. I lived with the discomfort for 15 years and in 2004 had my first hip
(right hip) replaced. It went so well and my activity began to include some
impact (basketball), until the other hip needed replaced.

In 2010 had a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing on left side and it went marvelous.
Activities now include biking, lifting, golf, cardio, etc  No pain and
great range of motion compared to before. First hip was performed by Dr. Ray
Wasalewski at Grant and BHR was done in same practice … Read the rest