Dwight Vanderboegh’s 7 Year Update with Dr. Jinnah

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November 2015  Seven years and counting!

The decision to have a surface replacement in November, 2008, was a very good one.  I have had seven years of pain-free living.  Being able to bike, walk, do yard work, etc. has been a 7-year blessing.  In the winter months, I walk/jog home 4.5 miles each day.  I have been hesitant to jog on a regular basis due to the natural pressure of wear-and-tear on mechanical parts.  I was addicted to running in my 30’s and 40’s, so the path to recovery for that addiction had already been … Read the rest

Joe Ferebee, Jr. BHR Jan. 26, 2009 Dr. Jinnah

I turned 53 five weeks after having my surgery on 1/26/09. For several years I suffered with hip pain that continued to get progressively worse each year. I have always been very active. I was an athlete in college and I have continued to stay involved with recreational sports into adult life. More recently I have been a practice partner for my daughter while she was participating in high school sports. Each year the activity became less enjoyable due to the increasing pain. I found that it was more and more of a struggle to play. The pain seemed to … Read the rest

Vaughn Ramsey RBHR February 9, 2009 Dr. Jinnah

I am a 53 year old male. In September, 2007 I thought I pulled my groin playing tennis, Nine months later with a deteriorating condition, increasing pain and decreasing mobility, an MRI showed my right hip was shot. My local orthopedist recommended a total hip replacement. I was devastated. However, a friend put me in touch with a friend who it turns out had two hip resurfacings courtesy of Dr. Gross in SC. My local orthopedist was not familiar with hip resurfacing but a search on the web, which included surfacehippy, led me to think it was a viable option.… Read the rest

Dwight Vanderboegh Hip Resurfacing Dr. Jinnah 2011

Three years ago, I was next on Dr. Jinnah’s list for hip surface replacement. If you read my experience log following the surgery, you know it was largely successful. It took one year before I felt confident strength to try jogging a 3-miler in a park. I worked up to it and the run was wonderful: to know that I could run if I needed to do so, and that without pain brought great joy, and a once-for-all release from the NEED of jogging.

After running most of my life and escalating during my 40’s to over 30 marathons, and50 … Read the rest

Steve’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Jinnah 2009

Steve’s hip

I just had surgery at Wake Forest Medical
Center with Dr. Jinnah. Here is my story. Since I live in Virginia there
were a few logistics about how I would get to and from the hospital. I have
many friends who are pilots and one volunteered to take me to Wake Forrest
and also provide the return trip. I was not worried about getting down there
but getting back would pose some challenges. I went down with a companion
and we stayed at the Hawthorne the night before. Not a bad place and they do
have a shuttle.… Read the rest