Juno’s 3 Year Update Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gross 2013

It was 3 years ago this month that I was officially diagnosed with OA and told to go home and take Advil and return in 10 years for a THR. Thank God for this site and Dr. Gross — this site allowed me to have hope and to intelligently research and discuss my options for HR. 3 months after my diagnosis I was having my right hip resurfaced and then 5 months later my left. I have had a wonderful recovery and don’t give my hips a second thought anymore — except to sing the praises of my surgeon and … Read the rest

SAF’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gross 2003

When I had my first done with Dr. Gross nearly 13 years ago, there were no options in the NYC area, where I live. In fact, there were very few surgeons doing the procedure in this country. I was part of the original FDA clinical trials, and was one of the first few hundred people to have resurfacing in the USA. My judgment at the time was that Dr. Gross was the best option. I believe I was right, as he has turned out to be one of the preminent resurfacing surgeons in the world.… Read the rest

Lyn’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gross 2012

September 3, 2012

I’m 5 days post op now and feeling remarkably well. I feel much better than I thought would. I want to thank everybody for thoughts and encouragement . I dont want to get ahead of myself . I need to realize there will probably be some difficult times with recovery.

September 4, 2012

Dr. Gross said surgery went well. But I knew better to say I was feeling remarkably well, because in 24 hrs I had horrible problem with my stomach due to meds, it was probably the narcotics talking for me earlier. I’m just doing Tylenol … Read the rest

Patrick’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gross 2012

DoB 13 Sep 39, Right Hip Resurface, no cement, steel/molybdenum on 17 Oct 12.  By Dr Gross, Columbia, SC,  Age when operated on = 73.  Current age 75.  Back to full range of activity – running, bicycling, skiing, etc. 
Developed osteoarthritis, hip mobility limits and pain at age 67 in 2007.  Drs told me I would probably need hip replacement.  I asked when and they told me I would tell them.  I changed cardio activity from running to biking and did more stretching and resistance exercise.  As time passed I was progressively more limited in activity and unable to … Read the rest

Steve Right Uncemented Biomet Dr. Gross 10/7/09

I just had a right hip resurfacing from Dr. Thomas Gross in Columbia, South Carolina and wanted to provide some step by step information that could help future recipients manage their trip, hospital experience and recovery process in a more knowledgeable manner. I am a nurse and that may give me a little different perspective that may be useful. Anything I mention is only a suggestion and may not work for everyone, but the more information you have the better decisions you can make for yourself. Some of this information will be applicable to people traveling to other Physicians and … Read the rest

Alan (3/16/2009) & LHR (3/19/2009) Dr. Gross

March 25, 2009

I just turned 56 years old and am by no means a fitness model (and probably somewhat embarrassed about how little I have to show for how much I have worked out , but I have been physically active most of my life with running, biking, swimming, skiing, hiking, yoga and weight lifting. Well up until about a year ago, when my left hip suddenly became as sore as my right hip, which had become sore and stiff about seven years ago. I was able to compensate and refused to let it slow me down, but now … Read the rest

Rob Baum – Arjeplog, Sweden Bilateral 6/29/09 Dr. Gross

June 30, 2009

I am here in South Carolina with Dr. Gross at the hospital. It is Tuesday today. I had the right hip resurfaced at 9am yesterday. Tomorrow, I will have the left leg resurfaced at 3pm. Thanks to all the folks who have published comments and given feedback on this site. It is incredibly useful for setting expectations and getting a feel for what is going to happen next. My thanks to all you great posters!

I am 44 years old, and am in good to great physical shape (except for the hip area!). I learned about Hip … Read the rest

Max Bilateral Dr. Gross 3/30/2009 and 4/1/2009

April 16, 2009

I am just over 2 weeks post op from second half of Bilateral. The first week was definitely a challenge. I took the pain pills before I felt I needed them and that worked great, not much pain to deal with. I was a little unprepared for how useless my legs would be, a good deal of swelling even with the ice machine. I guess the big downside from Bilateral is not having a good leg to help out. I definitely questioned the wisdom at first but now I’m sure it was the right way to go.… Read the rest

Tim Bilateral 2-2-09 (R) 2-4-09 (L) Dr. Gross Biomet ReCap/Magnum

I was not able to find anyone in Atlanta with a good track record doing resurfacings — so a very big “Thank You” to SurfaceHippy.info and the fellow surface hippies on this site.

I started having unbearable pain around November of 2008. I called Dr. Gross’s office in December after speaking with Mike from this site who had a bilateral with Dr. Gross back in June. When I hung up with Mike I called Dr. Gross’s office and on the first call had tentatively scheduled the surgery dates pending me getting the package together.

I got the package put together … Read the rest