10th Anniversary of my BHR by Patricia Walter

Today (March 15, 2016) is the 10th anniversary of my BHR (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Device by Smith and Nephew) surgery.  My BHR is still going strong with no problems at all.  It feels just like my other unoperated hip – normal.

I traveled to Dr. De Smet in Belgium in 2006 because there were not many experienced hip resurfacing surgeons in the US.  Also, I did not have health insurance and could not afford surgery in the US.  Dr. De Smet had performed about 2000 surgeries at that time and was used by many hip patients in the US. 

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Karl’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. De Smet 2015

I have now had the operation from Dr De Smet for my hips.

Pretty courageous move to achieve.

Interesting he used the Conserve plus device in the end in which I thought he would.

He is not biased in any way just what he thinks works best.

My surgery was very, very tricky due to the FAI surgery I had in NZ as they took away much needed bone that he could have used both on the pelvis rim and the Femur.

I had to have cemented femur components in the end as he did not wish to take the … Read the rest

Ann Caviness LBHR De Smet 2007

After having my left hip resurfaced in July 2007, for my recovery I focused on PT exercises, water walking and exercises, and swimming. I also gradually increased my regular walking. I went from two crutches to one crutch, to a cane, to nothing, then to one trekking pole for trails with steep inclines and loose rocks. I was reluctant to use two trekking poles, because I really didn’t know how to use them, and they reminded me too much of using crutches.

However, my brother told me how much he enjoys hiking with trekking poles, especially on steep terrain and … Read the rest

Steve Kline RBHR Dr. De Smet 9/29/04

Four Year Anniversary

Four years ago today Dr. De Smet gave me my life back with a new right BHR hip. Things could not be any better with the hip. Every once in awhile I work the hip a little hard and it gets sore for a night and then the next day it is back to normal. Once or twice this past year it got squeaking on me but again I just drank a little extra water that night and it was back to normal the next day.

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Colleen Hennessy RBHR April 2008 De Smet

I returned to the USA in August, 2007, after a 27 month Peace Corps assignment in the rain forest on a mountaintop in Honduras. My little village had rough, rocky roads, and with an aching hip, it was sometimes quite a struggle to hike the half mile uphill to my house. On three different occasions, I fell and cut my knees. My hip was getting worse but I said nothing to the Peace Corps Medical Unit. You were sent home permanently and your service as a volunteer was abruptly ended if you had a problem like a hip that required … Read the rest

Jeri Springstead BHR De Smet 2007

December 20, 2007 2 weeks post op!

After several years of joint pain, and trips to doctors, a friend put me onto your site at the end of this summer. I am a 54 yr old female runner, who used to do sprint triathlons and bike and kayak. The pain got to me, and I finally listened to my body and realized the pain wasn’t going to get better by itself. (Why did it take so long??)

Dr. Rogerson in Madison said I was only a 20% chance of a BMR because of the large cyst, but he encouraged me … Read the rest

Rod Windle LBHR De Smet 2007

I thought I would post an update from Ghent from one who is now officially “on the other side”.

I’m here at the Villa. It’s Saturday and my surgery was on Tuesday. Sumati is here as well and will be sending you her own post so you can compare what we have to say!

This has just been an incredible experience so far. I woke up early the morning of surgery with no apprehension at all. I had prepared my mind as best I could alternating self- hypnosis and meditation but I wasn’t expecting to feel so serene and peaceful. … Read the rest

Mr. Henderson LBHR De Smet November 2007

My husband had an LBHR with DeSmet yesterday and all I can say is “WOW”
Everything has exceeded our expectations.

We arrived at the Villa Cento Passi on November 5th around noon. We were greeted by the Villa staff as if we had just arrived home. Our luggage was taken to our room (#6) and we were told that lunch was being served in the Villa’s restaurant. The food was incredible and we were able to meet others who were scheduled for surgery and others who already had the surgery. The first person we met was a bilateral who had … Read the rest

Kani Rowland Bi-Lat with Dr. De Smet December 2006

The following is an account of my bilateral hip resurfacing adventure gathered from some emails I had sent and some of which were posted on the Surface Hippy website. I hope they will give an insight for anyone interested in traveling to Belgium for hip resurfacing with Dr. Koen De Smet.

Arriving in Ghent

I finally made it to Ghent. I left Portland at 7:40 am Saturday and arrived in Ghent at 8:30 am Sunday. Time to catch up on some much needed sleep. Jurgen, one of the Cuberdon B&B owners was to pick me up at the train station … Read the rest