Michael Puertas Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Barrack 2015

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Michael Puertas has been playing squash for three decades, racking up an impressive record. Then three years ago, pain in his right hip began to wake him up at night. He knew surgery was inevitable but he didn’t want to give up squash…

…Dr. Robert Barrack suggested an alternative to traditional hip replacement called hip resurfacing…

…Ten months after the surgery, Michael Puertas won the U.S. national 40-plus squash championship…… Read the rest

Ron’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Barrack 2012

I have read this site for 2 years leading up to
surgery and wanted to come on here and post about my surgery. I had
a right BHR done Feb 28, 2012. Dr Robert Barrack of Washington
University Orthopedics in St Louis, MO did the surgery.

My progress has been wonderful. Dr Barrack did
surgery on Tuesday, sent me home on Wednesday, I was walking with a
cane Friday, walked a mile on the track Sunday, and am at work

There has been some swelling, but not what I was
expecting. My muscles freak out periodically, but I expected … Read the rest