Richard’s Hip Resurfacing Dr. Antoniou 2007

I’m a new 69 year old surfacehippy that was in pretty good shape before the operation and am now 10 days post op in Montreal. Staples were removed yesterday and I’ll be returning to Nova Scotia tomorrow.

At the outset I have to say that I think I read too many stories of surfacehippies who with few problems and little pain were walking without aids and back to a normal life within weeks. My recovery hasn’t been so smooth or quick, and part of the mental problems I encountered during my recovery were a result of the illusions I had … Read the rest

Geoff’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Antoniou 2012

May 9, 2012

I am almost 3 months post-op (BHR R hip; Dr. Antoniou), and the right hip did
seem like it was going well…although I think I might have overdone things over
the weekend climbing outside and then in the gym. I managed a pretty steep 11c
and other 5.11’s in the gym (all on TR), but I still feel pretty fragile.

I have been climbing up and down a long set of stairs (kind of interval
training), and using a stationary bike. Using rock rings, gymnastic rings, and
the local community centre, too (although public pools gross me … Read the rest

Glenn’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Antonoiu 2011

April 22, 2011 I waited a full 12 months to get this surgery ( I live
in Canada, free medical care but longer wait times ). In that wait
period, I lost considerable muscle in my left leg, developed a horrible
limp due to an impingment and walked incorrectly for that time. From my
original diagnosis, I went from anti inflamatories infrequently to being
unable to walk any distance in a short time. My wife was away working
for about six weeks and when she returned she couldn’t believe how much I
deteriorated in that time.

Read the rest