Karen McNulty Hip Resurfacing Dr. Amstutz 2006

My surgery date with Dr. Amstutz was 8/29/06. I had been in considerable pain for four years before the surgery, but thought it was do to spinal stenosis. I saw Dr. Amstutz after Kaiser diagnosed my right hip to be bone on bone osteoarthritis and would need a replacement and of course, to wait as long as possible. I met Calvin Jung , an Amstutz bilateral through a mutual friend and the hip resurfacing seemed the way to go.

I had a great experience with the surgery. Dr. Amstutz and this was, I might add, the first time I have … Read the rest

Dave Grigg’s Bilateral Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Amstutz 1998-2004

Ten Year

saying hello on the eve of my ten year
anniversary. In early 1998 there were fewer than 40 resurfacings in the
U.S. and of course no surfacehippy group or knowledge base. My thanks
to Keith and all you posters. 

My story

A former runner, I had been crippled with OA for
a decade and needed crutches just to stand more than 2
minutes. Dr. Amstutz said he’d only seen one or two more diseased
hips in his career. I placed a lot of trust in him and it sure paid
off. I was riding the life … Read the rest

Beth Barney’s Hip Resurfacing Dr. Amstutz 2000

Two months ago, Beth put her hip to the ultimate test,
participating in the Dam Sprint Triathlon at Lake Perris. The event
included an 800-yard swim, a 12-mike bike ride and a 5K run


It was 10 years ago. Beth Barney had flown with her husband, Jason,
from Utah for the prognosis, and they sat in the doctor’s office in
Los Angeles. She felt like a defendant on trial, awaiting the
verdict that would decide how she would live the rest of her life.

She did not want to live it as she had the first 22 … Read the rest

Ted Uncemented Conserve Plus Dr. Amstutz 2010

I have had both hips resurfaced by Dr. Harlan
Amstutz—the left on 5/14/02 (using the hybrid Conserve Plus system)
and the right on 3/4/10. On the latter, both the femoral and
acetabular components were uncemented. I am only the third patient
on which Dr. Amstutz has used an uncemented femoral component.

Saw Dr. Amstutz yesterday in LA. He had a whole
battery of x-rays taken of both hips. He says the right one, the one
with the uncemented femoral cap, looks good. But he wants to be
cautious. So he restricted my activity to walking and the stationary
bike. We’ll … Read the rest

Casey’s Hip Resurfacing Dr. Amstutz 2008

I was released with my successful surgery completed on 11/20 and was home by 11/22! What a ride it has been as all of you know.

So far I’m doing all right and ruling the world from my anti-gravity lounger, no swelling and not overdoing it and my family (hubby, three girls ages, 9, 7 and 19mos.) have been amazing!

I was able to undergo the surgery in the way I felt most comfortable with light sedation and epidural only and have taken only Tylenol before bed when needed which is every night so far. That’s when all the strange … Read the rest