Danny Witt’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Frykberg 2015

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…Danny Witt was 28 when he first found out he had arthritis in his hip. The Ponte Vedra Beach tennis coach learned to live with the pain, but it progressively became worse.

Now at age 43, he opted for a unique approach (hip resurfacing) with Dr. Brett Frykberg, orthopedic surgeon at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute, that would allow him to keep more of his own hip bone as opposed to a total hip replacement…

…”Hip resurfacing unlike total hip has no restrictions. Once recovered, people can return to normal activities such as running, biking, swimming, hockey and … Read the rest

Monica’s 11 Month HR 1Update with Prof Girard 2015

11 month post Hip resurfacing update

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I am a 63 year old retired British anaesthetist living in France, and a keen Triathlete.
In June 2015 I had a left hip resurfacing performed by Prof Julien Girard in Lille, France.
Last weekend, almost eleven months to the day,  I completed my first Triathlon since the operation. It was only a sprint distance and definitely not a Personal Best, but I competed in comfort and really enjoyed being back doing events again.

I am looking forward to a couple more Sprint Triathlons this season, plus a

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M55 Arnie Pollinger, distancer/sprinter and hip resurfacing disciple

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M55 Arnie Pollinger of Holliston, Massachusetts, is a rare bird — he runs roads and sprints. Recently, he wrote me: “I realize my running and jumping might not be noteworthy except for the fact that I am doing all this with an artificial hip.” His surgery was in April 2012, and he’s run dozens of distance races since this list began in 1997. He’s also prolific in the 60, 100 and 200 — and long jump. New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery posted a great profile of his case. “My Read the rest

Colby Lewis, Hip Resurfacing Pitcher, Signs for 2017 Season

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The Texas Rangers on Monday finalized a one-year deal with free-agent right-hander Colby Lewis, the club leader in wins last season with 17. Lewis, 36, accepted a one-year deal with a base salary of $6 million, a 50 percent raise over his salary from last season. It will be Lewis’ seventh season with the club since he returned from Japan. Lewis is 27-23 with a 4.90 ERA for 62 starts since returning from hip-resurfacing surgery, which forced him to miss the 2013 season. He is the first major-leaguer to make it back to an active roster Read the rest

RA Gram’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Lammens 2015

RA Gram’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Lammens 2015

I just officially joined this website today (two weeks post-op for Birmingham Hip Rresurfacing), although I browsed the site for the 18 months or so prior to surgery to understand what BHR was all about (versus total hip), what expectations should be, what doctors were recommended, etc. My Kaiser Permanente healthcare plan does not do BHRs and was recommending Total Hip Angioplasty. However, the head of orthopedics in Denver, Dr. John Gargaro, had performed a few BHRs prior to joining Kaiser so I spoke candidly with him in October 2014. Based on … Read the rest

Stephen Kenney RBHR Dr. Kreuzer Dec. 17, 2008

Stephen Kenney Hip Experience
Houston, TX

Dr. Stefan Kreuzer – Surgeon

My hip problem began with a slip back in 1995 that caused me to bend over severely at my waist and touch my chest against the top of my right thigh. Interestingly, the extreme twisting of my leg at the hip didn’t hurt at all. Much later, I would find out that I had traumatized the joint and damaged “something” which set forth a slow degradation of the cartilage between the hip socket and ball of the femur.

After about six (6) months from the time of my slip, … Read the rest

Craig M. Peters Dr. Klapper Sept. 26, 2008

Stubbornness and Persistence
Qualities to have when managing your own health care

By Craig M. Peters

We have all heard or seen countless stories of a person who contracts a debilitating illness that robs them of any reasonable quality of life. The doctors give the family no hope of improvement even to the point of telling family members to let their loved one go. But due to heroic and unyielding efforts by a family member to uncover all possible treatment options, that patient beats the odds and makes a full recovery. You might say, “This only happens in Hollywood! That … Read the rest

Dino Rossi April 9, 2009 RBHR Dr. Boettner

My name is Dino Rossi; I am 55 years of age. On April 9, 2009 I underwent Hip Resurfacing Surgery. (My right hip, with the BHR procedure.) The procedure was performed at the HSS in NYC.

Dr. Boettner is my surgeon and my savior.

Prior to my surgery I had a lot of pain and I could barely walk; my gait and strength gone.

Today, 10 weeks post op, I am pain free and on my way back to my normal, healthy, active lifestyle.

Dr. Boettner and his staff are exceptional professionals. The Doctor’s kind, considerate bedside manner and commanding … Read the rest

Debbie Roldan May 2, 2009 Dr. Boettner

Debbie Roldan’s hip re-surfacing story. Surgery May 2, 2009

Everyone’s story is unique and has the potential to inform and enlighten others. The moral of my personal story is always get a second and sometimes, third opinion and KNOW YOUR SURGEON!

I dislocated my right hip the FIRST time 10 years ago (age 32) rollerblading. It healed fine, I went on with my life.

In 2007, it dislocated AGAIN from a simple, clumsy trip over a bag while packing luggage. this time, it wasn’t healing. I saw a hip specialist at the hospital for joint diseases in NYC and he … Read the rest