Femoro-acetabular Impingement- What it is

Femoro-acetabular impingement or FAI occurs when the ball of the head of the femur does not have its full range of motion within the socket of the acetabulum of the pelvis.

Impingement itself is the premature and improper collision or impact between the head and/or neck of the femur and the acetabulum. This causes a decreased range of hip joint motion, in addition to pain. Most commonly, FAI is a result of excess bone that has formed around the head and/or neck of the femur, otherwise known as “cam”-type impingement. FAI also commonly occurs due to overgrowth of the acetabular … Read the rest

Dr. Gross of South Carolina Discusses hip resurfacing for women and small men

The continuing controversy – Thomas P. Gross MD. 7/4/2015

Young women who desire a more functional hip replacement were recently dealt a large blow  when the smaller sizes of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing  (BHR) device were withdrawn from the market by Smith Nephew Richards because the 10-year revision rate for women was higher than for men in most large registry analyses. (The major national registries are Australia, Combined Scandinavia, and Great Britain).

Joint implant registries estimate an overall failure rate for different implants when used by the average surgeon in a country. Specialist surgeons can typically perform better than these … Read the rest

Dr. Voelker of Germany Discusses hip resurfacing for women and small men

Dear Patricia,

I would like to comment on Smith&Nephew’s BHR decision to exclude females and smaller sizes than 48 mm.

The decision has been based on the renewed NICE criteria. I wouldn’t say that I don’t want best outcomes for all of my patients. But if you compare those criteria to other surgical outcomes it looks extremely strict. I think it would be just consequent if the collected data would have been collected the same way. The data results could never be lets call it clean like they have been collected. They are naturally influenced by so many things. For … Read the rest

Dr. Pritchett of WA Discusses Hip Resfacing for women and small men


Pat: Thanks for asking. In my view Smith & Nephew has acted responsibly. I have not been offering metal on metal resurfacing in the withdrawn smaller sizes. We have been offering just polyethylene in these sizes. I am attaching my abstract for an upcoming meeting.

Yes, we use the implants shown on the Synovo Preserve site.

We offer this to both men and women. We always use a cementless acetabular component and usually a cementless femoral component as well.

Let me know the best way to reach patients. We are happy to talk with patients.

I am concerned that … Read the rest

Dr. De Smet about Hip Resurfacing for women and small men

Dr. De Smet of Belgium 6/10/2015 –



THAT IS WHAT I WROTE IN MY BOOKLET ALREADY 6 YEARS AGO (you can find on my website) WITH THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BHR AND CONSERVE.  Also  Correlation between inclination of the acetabular component and metal ion levels in metal-on-metal hip resurfacing replacement

I published this problem in 2008!!!

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Acetabular Revision in Hip Resurfacing by Thomas Gross MD 1/9/2015

Acetabular Revision in Hip Resurfacing by Thomas Gross MD 1/9/2015

THR= total hip replacement
HRA= hip resurfacing arthroplasty

If an HRA has failed, I try to solve the problem by revising only the acetabular component whenever possible because HRA are functionally better than THR. If only the acetabular component is revised, the patient still has a HRA. If the femoral component is revised, the patient now has a THA.

Currently revising only the acetabular component with a metal/metal (M/M) articulation is only possible with the Biomet Magnum and SNR Birmingham implants. All others have been withdrawn from the market. Wright … Read the rest

Peg – My Partial Dislocation 2008

Was standing on my good leg, operated leg was at about a 90 degree angle while I put some cream on my knee. Probably bent forward and flexed my hip a bit, the operated side knee rotated in and I started to fall. Tried to push with the operated leg to right myself, NO STRENGTH. I collapsed and fell back, noticing a strange friction in the hip joint after landing on my butt.

Called my surgeon’s office and they got me in right away. They took x-rays. Dr. Rogerson said I apparently partially dislocated the hip and it re-located when … Read the rest

J&J’s DuPuy Unit Reaches $2.5 Bln Deal To Compensate Revision Surgery Patients

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November 19, 2013

Health care giant Johnson & Johnson Co.’s ( JNJ ) medical-device unit DePuy
Orthopaedics, Inc., announced Tuesday that it has reached a $2.5 billion
settlement to compensate patients in the U.S. who were subject to a second
surgery, known as revision surgery, to replace their recalled DePuy ASR Hip

More than 12,000 thousand lawsuits were filed by patients against DePuy in
federal and state courts related to the recall of its hip-implant products. The
lawsuits were filed by implantees who have suffered metallosis, premature device
failure, and other serious complications allegedly caused … Read the rest

Andrew Hip Resurfacing Dr. Snyder 2010

Dr. Daniel Snyder seemed genuinely sorry
for what happened in the course of my hip resurfacing
surgery May 5, 2010, at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Newton,

That makes two of us.

I sought surgery to fix an arthritic right hip which made me
limp and seemed to aggravate an otherwise unrelated back
problem. I had been an avid long-distance runner before all
that, and I remained in athletic shape (and 45 years old) at
the time of my surgery. I had hoped someday to return to
cycling, hiking and cross-country skiing.

I awoke from surgery unable to feel or move my … Read the rest

Excessive sporting activity may impair long-term success of hip resurfacing

Public release date: 8-Feb-2012
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Excessive sporting activity may impair long-term success of
hip resurfacing

Original News Release:


Classification: Adult Reconstruction Hip
Keywords: Outcomes; Complications; Hip
Harlan C. Amstutz, MD, Pacific Palisades, California, United
Michel J. Le Duff, Glendale, California, United States
Regina Woon, Los Angeles, California, United States
Alicia J. Johnson, BA, Los Angeles, California, United

Patients should limit activities to maintain hip

SAN FRANCISCO – In hip resurfacing the femoral ball in the
hip joint is not removed, but instead is trimmed and capped
with a smooth metal covering. … Read the rest