Melissa’s BHR Revision to THR by Dr. Ball 2011

Melissa’s Original BHR Story

The last two years have brought increasing groin pain, instability, and popping/clunking on a regular basis. Two months before my 4th anniversary I became so alarmed at the consistent instability that I obtained x-rays and cobalt and chromium blood tests. Patient advocate, Vicky Marlow, had several surgeons review them for possible causes of my pain and instability. The following are excerpts from the surgeon’s emails:

1. She needs a revision ASAP before the neck on the femur breaks

2. Neck narrowing due to high ions and there will be some acetabular osteolysis at revision. Yes, … Read the rest

Tim Bratten’s Revision Surgery with Dr. De Smet 2012

November 9, 2015

I am coming up on 4 years post revision to a THR done by Koen De Smet and this is not necessarily the horror that everyone here paints it out to be. I regularly jog, hike, backpack, rock climb and boulder and my revision to THR works great. In fact, I am much more active than other people I know my age who have not had hip surgery. Anyways, even if revision is the last resort option, if the surgery is done by an accomplished surgeon who uses a good implant system (mine is ceramic on ceramic:

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M S’s Unsuccessful BHR by Dr. Justin Klimisch and Revision to THR by Mr. McMinn 2011

Approximately 4 years ago I underwent a BHR procedure by Dr. Justin Klimisch which resulted in a disastrous outcome: I sustained significant nerve damage during the procedure to my femoral nerve (lost all function in my quadriceps and hip flexor muscles) as well a suspected traction injury to the whole nerve bundle which runs posterior to the hip resulting in drop foot.

I continued to experience significant nerve pain and mechanical hip pain and clunking after the hip resurfacing surgery. Eleven months later it was determined by experts that the BHR components installed were over-sized for my small frame, increasing … Read the rest

Dwight’s Infection and Revision 2009

Dwight Pargee
March 22, 2009
My saga

So I’m sitting here with an iv in my arm, getting my daily dose of antibiotics
and reflecting back over the last two years, thought I’d share my story.

The good news is I won’t be buying any new shoes for the next couple of months,
actually that’s not so good news because I love buying shoes…but  I

Back in 1997  I was 33 and playing in a rugby game on  sticky muddy  field.
I had the ball in hand, made a cut, my foot stuck in the mud and  bang!…I
dislocated … Read the rest

John’s Revision of BHR to THR

January 9, 2000

Hi Pat,

I hope that you are well.

I just thought I would email you personally with information for your file and research that has sadly led to me having a revision from BHR to THR. The reason was due to malpositioning of the acetabular cup and femoral component by my surgeon.

My surgeon had carried out over 480 hip resurfaces but for some reason a bad day at the office lead to my BHR only lasting 5 months. I have attached to x-rays (photos of my x-rays).Sorry for bad quality. I had the anterolateral approach. He … Read the rest

Jane’s BHR Revision to a THR 2008

Failed BHR & surgeon experience

August 02, 2008

I am 18 months post LBHR and I am posting today with the hope that I can spare anyone contemplating the resurfacing procedure the consequences of choosing a surgeon with insufficient experience. I chose a surgeon who had only recently trained in England, I was his 7th resurfacing procedure. I justified the decision because he was local and had a stellar reputation. I foolishly reasoned that he would not take on a procedure that was beyond his competency.

At four weeks I was complaining of snapping, popping and instability in my surgical … Read the rest

Lizzy’s Allergic Reaction to BHR and Revision at 2 years post op

From: Elizabeth Wajnberg
To: Carol Thwaite
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 9:46 PM


I have a surgery date with our good doctor (De Smet) on December 18, not to resurface my other hip, unfortunately, but to extract the resurf I have because I am allergic to the metal! This past summer, my leg swelled, it was drained of much pus which thank God was not infected – nobody knew what it was except Dr. De Smet. At least we can now explain that horrible groin pain I had after the operation, which went away only because I was put … Read the rest

Meg’s Allergic Reaction to BHR and Revision at 2 years post op

Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 3:30 PM
Metal allergy – an OS writes

While metal allergies are indeed rare, they can be (or have the effect of being) all too real…..

My wife is 31 yrs old and had her right hip resurfaced 2 years ago by Dr. De Smet (she originally broke her hip around 10 years, developed AVN, had an osteotomy 7 years ago, developed arthritis, which ultimately led us to Ghent – can’t say enough about the experience there).

Around a month ago she started experiencing terrible hip pain. X-rays (and a CT Scan) show that the … Read the rest

Jim in SC Hip Resurfacing Failures Can Happen

I am sorry to report that my 5 years and 8 months hip resurfacing has failed. The cap ( mfg. Corwin) on the femoral head has worked partially loose…..moving slightly. The pain is pretty bad and Dr. Gross is scheduling me for THR using the big ball metal socket (Corwin) that remains well attached. Corwin is making the THR ball to fit and as soon as the FDA approval letter gets here I am going to give up my resurfaced hip. I discussed twice to get Dr. Gross to consider repairing the loose cap with hi-tech glue and some surgical … Read the rest

N. Smith’s Hip Resurfacing Revision Due to Heterotopic Ossification 2012

October 06, 2012

I’m a 54 yr old male and had a resurfacing over 18 months ago and it has been
a nightmare from day one – been unable to lift my leg, walk without a stick or
do almost anything that I could do before the operation even though it was
painful due to osteo arthritis. I have lost significant amounts of muscles
around my hip and in my thigh and it has caused problems with my back and my
other hip and I have been to see countless consultants.

Now been recommended for a revision (next week) apparently … Read the rest