Michael Puertas Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Barrack 2015

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Michael Puertas has been playing squash for three decades, racking up an impressive record. Then three years ago, pain in his right hip began to wake him up at night. He knew surgery was inevitable but he didn’t want to give up squash…

…Dr. Robert Barrack suggested an alternative to traditional hip replacement called hip resurfacing…

…Ten months after the surgery, Michael Puertas won the U.S. national 40-plus squash championship…… Read the rest

Danny Witt’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Frykberg 2015

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…Danny Witt was 28 when he first found out he had arthritis in his hip. The Ponte Vedra Beach tennis coach learned to live with the pain, but it progressively became worse.

Now at age 43, he opted for a unique approach (hip resurfacing) with Dr. Brett Frykberg, orthopedic surgeon at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute, that would allow him to keep more of his own hip bone as opposed to a total hip replacement…

…”Hip resurfacing unlike total hip has no restrictions. Once recovered, people can return to normal activities such as running, biking, swimming, hockey and … Read the rest

Dave’s Bilateral Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Pritchett 2015 Update

April 20, 2016

Hey there hippies, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, mostly because my new hips are doing so well I rarely think about them. My left hip is now 13 months old, my right hip 15 months, and both are doing great.

This past weekend I returned to skydiving, with a couple jumps and no problems. Tomorrow I’m going on a couple days backpacking trip, and in two weeks I’m running a 5K. Pain is infrequent and only occurs in short bursts at the edges of my ROM, likely from my femoral neck catching an edge of … Read the rest

Matt’s Hip Resurfacing with Mr. McMinn 2015 Update

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April 27, 2016

So happy with having had this done. Like most, scared beforehand. But what a year. I am so happy, I’m loving it, and could shed a tear of joy.

I’m rowing as much as I want, running a bit now too, fit, well, oh and golfing as much as I want too. And walking the dog every day. As well as career and family of course. Where previously the day after golf I was sore and it limited me, no more. So running around playing with the kids … no problem whatsoever.… Read the rest

Pete’s 18 Month BHR Update

May 18, 2016

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18 months post-op that all is going really well and that my metal hip is probably the best bit of me!

Running is getting better all the time, still not doing major mileages in training because my natural hip can get ‘limpy’ but speed is improving with intervals and treadmill work, current PBs are 23:07 for 5k and 48:11 for 10k (last Sunday) and these equate to a Master’s percentage of 72.5 (my best ever was around 74% so I am not complaining). I can run for a couple of hours/13 miles … Read the rest

Monica’s 11 Month HR 1Update with Prof Girard 2015

11 month post Hip resurfacing update

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I am a 63 year old retired British anaesthetist living in France, and a keen Triathlete.
In June 2015 I had a left hip resurfacing performed by Prof Julien Girard in Lille, France.
Last weekend, almost eleven months to the day,  I completed my first Triathlon since the operation. It was only a sprint distance and definitely not a Personal Best, but I competed in comfort and really enjoyed being back doing events again.

I am looking forward to a couple more Sprint Triathlons this season, plus a

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SAF’s Hip Resurfacing 2015 with Dr. Marwin and 2003 with Dr. Gross

November 16, 2015 When I had my first done with Dr. Gross nearly 13 years ago, there were no options in the NYC area, where I live. In fact, there were very few surgeons doing the procedure in this country. I was part of the original FDA clinical trials, and was one of the first few hundred people to have resurfacing in the USA. My judgment at the time was that Dr. Gross was the best option. I believe I was right, as he has turned out to be one of the preminent resurfacing surgeons in the world. September 15, Read the rest

Jason Kidd, Bucks Coach, has Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Su 2015

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…The former NBA star underwent a resurfacing of his right hip on Dec. 21 at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, an injury he attributed to the “55,000 minutes” he played in a storied 19-year career.

“I feel great,” Kidd said. “Everything went well with the surgery. I’ve been around the team of late, for the shootaround and also for the game with San Antonio.

Nancy K’s Bilateral Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Rogerson 2013/2014

“Oh, the things you can do with a new hip! Thank you, Dr. Rogerson!”

Nancy hikes steep terrain following bilateral hip resurfacings

“This is me 6 months post left hip resurfacing surgery; about two miles down in the Grand Canyon. Feeling great and happy to be pain free.”

Nancy K. RT BHR 9/16/13, LT BHR 9/15/14… Read the rest