SAF’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gross 2003

When I had my first done with Dr. Gross nearly 13 years ago, there were no options in the NYC area, where I live. In fact, there were very few surgeons doing the procedure in this country. I was part of the original FDA clinical trials, and was one of the first few hundred people to have resurfacing in the USA. My judgment at the time was that Dr. Gross was the best option. I believe I was right, as he has turned out to be one of the preminent resurfacing surgeons in the world.… Read the rest

Michael Broder Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Vail 2003

Update:  11/14/07 Michael reports no problems with Wright C+ resurfacing (3/31/03) at 4 years, 7 1/2 months April 6, 2010

I am a diagnostic radiologist in North Carolina.   I joined Yahoo Surfacehippy over 8 years ago.   I just passed my 7th resurfacing anniversary. Like most surfacehippys, I really don’t think about my hip much doing my daily activities.   My scar is barely noticeable, range of motion is fairly normal.   I am repeating my updated story below. I am a non-athletic but active person. Avid snow skier, traveler, gardener. Developed osteoarthritis in left hip only and after 4 years could only … Read the rest

Richard Goode Bi-lateral 2000 and 2009 Dr. O’Dwyer

I have had both hips BHR, my left in 2000 and my right 7 wks. ago. I am an ex national standard triathlete now working as fulltime swimming coach. I returned to a very active lifestyle after my first BHR running daily. I returned to work at 3 wks. This time and have just started to do a little running while walking my Labrador.

Both my operations were done under our wonderful NHS service. The surgeons name is Mr Kevin O’Dwyer. My operation in 2000 was his third BHR and he has done hundreds more before doing my second one … Read the rest

Steve Kline RBHR Dr. De Smet 9/29/04

Four Year Anniversary

Four years ago today Dr. De Smet gave me my life back with a new right BHR hip. Things could not be any better with the hip. Every once in awhile I work the hip a little hard and it gets sore for a night and then the next day it is back to normal. Once or twice this past year it got squeaking on me but again I just drank a little extra water that night and it was back to normal the next day.

I just can not say enough about how pleased I am … Read the rest

Edith Crowther LBHR August 7, 2002 Dr. Len Australia

My Hip Resurfacing, Battle with Osteomyelitis and a Fused Hip by Edith Crowther

Childhood on a farm until 12 when I went down with Osteomyelitis.(Osteomyelitis is a bone infection often caused by bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus ) Then the following year I came down with Pyomyositis (abscess in the muscle tissue) Both Osteomyelitis and Pyomyositis seemed to take it in turns playing with both hips, wrists and back over the next 6 yrs. The Osteomyelitis finally settled on my left pelvis beside my hip joint and my OS fused the hip joint in an effort to stop the Osteomyelitis being … Read the rest

Chris Green’s Bilateral Hip Resurfacing Dr. De Smet 2003/2010

October 5, 2010

I have scheduled a LBHR on Decmeber 15th of this year with Dr. DeSmet. I am
excited yet nervous about the 2nd time around. My left hip is not as bad as my
right was 7 years ago, but I decided to go ahead and get the left done anyway. I
am excited to see the new Villa in Ghent and hope it all goes as well or better
than it did in 2003.

January 19, 2011

I am almost 5 weeks post op, and everything went well and is going well.

For those of you considering … Read the rest

Michael Sulman 10 Year Anniversary

October 13, 2013

My Rt. hip was resurfaced by Dr. De Smet in Oct 2004 and still feels like new.
I’ve had no problems in the almost ten years since surgery. My total experience
with Dr. De Smet was wonderful; and if my other hip ever needs surgery I’ll
return to him in a heartbeat.

I’ve referred several friends to your excellent website.


Michael Sulman

May 29, 2008

I had my right hip done in 2004 by Koen De Smet, and my experience in Belgium was wonderful.

My incision is 9.5" long and appears very thin after almost 4

Read the rest

Sue Huntley’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. De Smet 2002

It has been almost 7 years since I went
and had my right hip done by Dr. De Smet and I always said no matter what
I will never go
to another doctor….well now the time has come and the possibilities
are more vast because of the number of choices out there.

Well, I was 50 going on 51 and now I am 56 going on 57… I am a Pilates teacher and have been in the fitness business
for 30 years+. I owned and operated a health club through the 80’s
and 90’s and as I see it I … Read the rest

Ross Peterson’s Bilateral Hip Resurfacing Dr. Shimmin 2005

Having read with much interest the reports of others who
were some

way down the track, I thought I would weigh in with an

report of my own first year.

I am a male living in Melbourne Australia, and first
realized that I

had OA around 2000. It became a bit painful doing leg
presses at

the gym (so I stopped), and I started getting pains in my

thigh, even going down to the ankle. One doctor thought it
was a

strained tendon, but a few months later it had not healed so
I went

to a sports … Read the rest

Edith Crowther Fused Hip to Hip Resurfacing Dr. Len 2002

My BHR was done with Trochanteric Flip, basically because I had a fused hip for 35 yrs and very little muscle left. .My surgeon, who rates as amongst best in Australia, did it that way to spare the muscle as much as possible and maybe give himself better room to do an op that hasn’t been performed successfully too many times.  i.e. long term completely fused hips are not taken on too often..  I don’t have screws, he believed the good old fashion wire was safer in my situation. So my x-rays look like I have bought the price tag … Read the rest