Dave Grigg’s Bilateral Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Amstutz 1998-2004

Ten Year

saying hello on the eve of my ten year
anniversary. In early 1998 there were fewer than 40 resurfacings in the
U.S. and of course no surfacehippy group or knowledge base. My thanks
to Keith and all you posters. 

My story

A former runner, I had been crippled with OA for
a decade and needed crutches just to stand more than 2
minutes. Dr. Amstutz said he’d only seen one or two more diseased
hips in his career. I placed a lot of trust in him and it sure paid
off. I was riding the life … Read the rest

Mitchell Hill Hip Resurfacing Mr. McMinn 1991


Mitchell Hill Celebrates 20 Years with his Metal-on-Metal Hip Resurfacing

Mitchell Hill had a McMinn Cementless Resurfacing in 1991 at the age of just 24. Following his surgery he was able to get back to a pain free, active lifestyle. He recently celebrated the 20th year of his MoM Hip Resurfacing. View his interview below. Read the rest

Carl Fletcher 14 Year Anniversary of BHR with Mr. McMinn in 1998

Published on Oct 4, 2012 In 1998 Carl Fletcher received a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing from Mr Derek McMinn. Over the last 13 years Carl has lead a busy and active lifestyle. Since his operation to combat hip arthritis Carl has taken up a number of sports including paragliding. Carl talks about his experience with the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) and how it has benefitted him. The BHR was developed in Birmingham by Mr McMinn and his team in 1997 and continues to be used successfully 15 years later. For more information on Mr McMinn, the BHR, Hip Resurfacing & Knee… Read the rest

Mark Edwards Hip Resurfacing Mr. McMinn 1997

Mark Edwards – World’s First BHR Patient – Right BHR (July 1997)

First Ever BHR Patient

Mr. McMinn’s first BHR patient Mark Edwards came for his 15 year follow-up consultation in 2012. He regularly swims and skis commenting, "I’m delighted that my hip resurfacing has allowed me to lead an active lifestyle. There seems to be no deterioration in hip function 15 years on."

View Video here http://www.mcminncentre.co.uk/mark-edwards-first-birmingham-hip-resurfacing.html

Great news for hip resurfacing.… Read the rest

Katie Ellis hip resurfacing Mr. McMinn 1991

Mar 7, 2007

I had a check up today at the Royal Orthopaedic in Birmingham after 15.5
years of having had my resurfacing and thought I would post an update. My check
up went very well and it looks like my hip is still going very strong. The x-ray
showed no change since my last check up 2 years ago which I was really pleased
to hear.

For anyone who hasn’t read my posts before, my kids were born 2 years and 7
years post op. They are now 13 and 8. They are very fit and well with absolutely… Read the rest