Dr. Schmitt First Surgeon to Perform Birmingham Hip Resurfacing in Michigan

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The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing™ procedure is an alternative to traditional hip replacement…

Philip Schmitt, D.O., an orthopedic surgeon at DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, was the first doctor in Michigan to perform Birmingham Hip Resurfacing.

Advantages of Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing offers many benefits compared to total hip replacement. It features a technologically advanced bearing surface that dramatically reduces joint wear when compared to traditional hip replacement materials. It’s ideal for younger, very active people who may outlive a traditional total hip replacement and therefore require future hip joint revision. Other advantages of hip resurfacing … Read the rest

New Nationwide Ratings of Surgeons Based on Patient Outcomes

Nonprofit Consumer Group Releases First‐Ever and Only Nationwide Ratings of Surgeons for Patient Outcomes,  Based on Government Data Previously Kept from the Public

New Website Shows that Similar Patients Have Three Times the Risk of Death or other Bad Outcomes with Some Surgeons Compared to Other Surgeons.


WASHINGTON—Preventable medical errors of various kinds kill at least 200,000 Americans each year,
making this the third leading cause of death in the United States, six times as many deaths as from auto
accidents. One way to reduce such errors is for consumers to choose the best surgeons. For the first
time … Read the rest

Dr. Volker Interview 2012

What is the
advantage of using a hip resurfacing instead of a THR for
patient that is a good candidate?

Bone preserving, easy change to THR if needed, natural head
size, low risk of dislocation, good joint feeling, low wear,
good range of motion, less leg length problems, high
activity level

What hip
resurfacing devices do you use?


Do you use a
cemented or cementless approach for the femoral component?


What surgical approach do you use?
Posterior, Anterior, etc ?

MIS Posterior

What is the size of
your normal incision?

10 to 12 cm

How long is theRead the rest

All The Threes – Mr McMinn Reaches 3333rd BHR Milestone

24th January 2012

On Tuesday, Mr McMinn reached a momentous milestone in his surgical career –
implanting his 3,333rd Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. To mark the occasion, Mr
McMinn invited colleagues from The McMinn Centre, Smith & Nephew and The BMI
Edgbaston Hospital for an impromptu shindig at Bindles Brasserie in Worcester.

"I was so thrilled and surprised to reach this landmark number, I just had
to go out and celebrate with colleagues who have made this all possible,” Mr
McMinn commented. “The fact that my patients are doing so well and that the
BHR has a 97% success rate at … Read the rest

Dr. Gross 2011 Summary of Outcomes for 2500 Hip Resurfacings

Updated August 2011

Dr. Gross 2011 Summary of Outcomes for 2500 Hip Resurfacings

Dr. Gross has now performed over 2500 Hip Surface Replacement (HSR)
procedures over the last 12 years. Most failures occur during the first 6 months of the healing period. However, there is a
slow rate of failure that occurs over time. Therefore the overall failure rate increases for a group of patients as the length of follow-up
increases. In our recent publication in the Journal of Arthroplasty 2011, we reported that our Corin Hybrid HSR achieved a 93% survivorship
at 11 years follow-up. Longer-term data is not

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Dr. Su’s experience with hip resurfacing shows 1.3% complication rate

November 16, 2011
Original Link  http://www.orthosupersite.com/view.aspx?rid=89618

The retrospective study, which analyzed 925 hip resurfacings performed by
Edwin Su, MD, between 2004 and 2009 with a minimum follow-up of 2 years, looked
at three implants: Wright Medical’s Conserve Plus Total Resurfacing Hip System,
Biomet Orthopedics’ ReCap Femoral Resurfacing System and Smith & Nephew’s
Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System. Conserve Plus and the Biomet ReCap were used
as part of clinical trials, while the Birmingham hip was used after FDA approval
of the implant in 2006. Clinical scores and radiographs were obtained at 1
month, 3 months, 1 year, and every subsequent year. … Read the rest

Dr. Bose Discusses the ASR Withdrawal

I have to start by saying that I have never had any issues with the ASR devise at all. I was very surprised about 6 months ago when the issue of ASR withdrawal first surfaced.

There is no doubt that the safety margin for the ASR is lower than other resurfacing systems like the BHR due to a ‘low arc of cover’- described by Dr. Desmet. This is because the rim of the cup has become ‘non -articular’ to accommodate the cup holder.

Hence the failure rate is higher than the BHR.

The cups coming loose is certainly not true … Read the rest

Hospitals more specialized in orthopedic surgery show better outcomes for hip and knee replacement

Hospitals more specialized in orthopedic surgery show better outcomes for hip and knee replacement

 February 17, 2010 

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A recent study of Medicare data by University of Iowa
investigators indicates that hospitals with a higher
degree of orthopedic specialization provide better
outcomes for patients undergoing hip or
knee replacement surgery.

The findings, which appear in the online version of
the British Medical Journal, were based on
a retrospective study of nearly 1.3 million Medicare
beneficiaries aged 65 years and older who had hip or
knee replacement procedures between 2001 and 2005 at
3,818 U.S. hospitals. … Read the rest

Dr. Schmitt Completes First Live Tweet of BHR



Dr. Schmitt of the Detroit Medical Center Completes First Live Tweet of
Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Friday, November 27, 2009

On Monday, November 24, the
Detroit Medical Center (DMC) conducted a live surgery simultaneously on
multiple social media platforms. The procedure, called Birmingham Hip
Resurfacing (first of its kind on social media), was performed conducted at DMC
Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital in Commerce Twp., MI.

Dr. Philip Schmitt, D.O., performed the 40-minute surgery, accompanied by a bevy
of healthcare professionals from the DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital staff.  Dr.
Schmitt was the first to perform the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure … Read the rest