Dr. Gross Video Hip Resurfacing vs THR 2012

Patricia Walter interviews Dr. Gross for the surfacehippy.info website and they discuss the advantages of hip resurfacing compared to total hip replacement.  Hip Resurfacing is an excellent for young active people including men, women, large and small people and even some older people.  Hip Resurfacing done by an experienced hip resurfacing surgeon has excellent results.  The media reports that hip resurfacing is no longer a good solution, but closer examination of the surgery done by an experienced surgeon shows it has excellent outcomes.

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Choose an Experienced Hip Resurfacing Surgeon by Dr. Gross

Dr. Gross is interviewd by Patricia Walter for the surfacehippy.info website to discuss the importance of using an experienced hip resurfacing surgeon.  The best outcomes for hip resurfacing are the results of a large amount of experience.  The placement of the acetabular cup is very important and experienced surgeons know how to consistently place the cups for best long term outcomes.

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Dr. Gross Discusses Computer Navigation for Hip Resurfacing

Computer aided navigation is an interesting concept. However,
there is no evidence that it leads to better clinical outcomes and fewer
failures. On the other hand, there is ample evidence that surgeon experience has
a dramatic effect on outcomes and complications. 

One way to conceptualize this is that the experienced
surgeon’s brain is a computer with much more sophisticated
"software" than a navigation computer. When a computer is
programmed, an algorithm must be created which has certain
inherent limitations. Furthermore additional significant
sources of errors are introduced by the registration of
anatomic points for the navigation computer in surgery.

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