M55 Arnie Pollinger, distancer/sprinter and hip resurfacing disciple

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M55 Arnie Pollinger of Holliston, Massachusetts, is a rare bird — he runs roads and sprints. Recently, he wrote me: “I realize my running and jumping might not be noteworthy except for the fact that I am doing all this with an artificial hip.” His surgery was in April 2012, and he’s run dozens of distance races since this list began in 1997. He’s also prolific in the 60, 100 and 200 — and long jump. New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery posted a great profile of his case. “My Read the rest

Jason Kidd, Bucks Coach, has Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Su 2015

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…The former NBA star underwent a resurfacing of his right hip on Dec. 21 at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, an injury he attributed to the “55,000 minutes” he played in a storied 19-year career.

“I feel great,” Kidd said. “Everything went well with the surgery. I’ve been around the team of late, for the shootaround and also for the game with San Antonio.

Hip resurfacing still has a role by Andrew M. Shimmin, MBBS, FRACS,

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January 15, 2016  Shimmin AM. No stem! Role of hip resurfacing. Presented at: Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2016; Jan. 10-14, 2016; Waikoloa, Hawaii.

Despite design issues for small sizes and limited understanding of the effects of edge loading with these implants, hip resurfacing can yield positive results and should continue to play a role in the treatment of patients, according to a presenter here at Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2016.

“Hip resurfacing has better functional outcomes than total hip replacement, and with a better understanding of [femoroacetabular impingement] FAI and functional pelvic mobility, I think this will further

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Similar outcomes for THR and Hip Resurfacing Study 2015

Parry MC, et al. J Arthroplasty. 2015;doi:10.1016/j.arth.2015.04.030.

Although patients who underwent total hip arthroplasty experienced greater leg length discrepancy and less accurate restoration of offset compared with patients who underwent hip resurfacing arthroplasty, investigators of this retrospective study found no difference in clinical outcomes between the procedures…

…Researchers found THA significantly increased femoral offset and leg length compared with hip resurfacing arthroplasty…… Read the rest

Dr. Brockwell Discusses Women and Hip Resurfacing

I am still using the BHR. I will resurface appropriate women (i.e. with head size over 48mm…).

I think the majority of young men men have osteoarthritis (OA) secondary to FAI (which I treat by arthroscopy) but about half of the young women have some form of acetabular dysplasia/DDH, and the other half have OA because of FAI. Thus tall phycially active women with OA from FAI can expect to do well with resurfacing, but women with dysplasia are probably better off with THR.

I have now performed over 300 resurfacings. I offer free email consultations.

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John’s Update 3 years post op Dr. Brooks 2012

January 16, 2016 Coming up on 3yrs for me and I am still very active in competing in triathlons, racquetball! Never had a problem in recovery and there is no way I could stay this active without my BHR! I have sent numerous people Dr. Brook’s way and they have all had similar results. I am glad I found him less than 1hr from me. When I first started to research this procedure, I thought that I would have to travel cross country. Read John’s Full Story HereRead the rest

Dr. Gross and Hip Resurfacing 2016

I lead the nation in hip resurfacing. I began performing metal-on-metal total hip resurfacing arthroplasty (HRA) in 1999. With the retirement of Dr. Harlan Amstutz, I now have the longest track record of performing this operation in the United states. I have performed over 3500 HRA, which is the fourth largest series in the world. In the rare patients that are not resurfacing candidates, I perform large metal bearing total hip replacements (THR). Patients who are worried about rare adverse metal wear failures can choose a ceramic / cross-linked polyethelene THR also done using a minimally invasive technique.

My published

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