Colby Lewis, Hip Resurfacing Pitcher, Signs for 2017 Season

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The Texas Rangers on Monday finalized a one-year deal with free-agent right-hander Colby Lewis, the club leader in wins last season with 17. Lewis, 36, accepted a one-year deal with a base salary of $6 million, a 50 percent raise over his salary from last season. It will be Lewis’ seventh season with the club since he returned from Japan. Lewis is 27-23 with a 4.90 ERA for 62 starts since returning from hip-resurfacing surgery, which forced him to miss the 2013 season. He is the first major-leaguer to make it back to an active roster Read the rest

Dwight Vanderboegh’s 7 Year Update with Dr. Jinnah

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November 2015  Seven years and counting!

The decision to have a surface replacement in November, 2008, was a very good one.  I have had seven years of pain-free living.  Being able to bike, walk, do yard work, etc. has been a 7-year blessing.  In the winter months, I walk/jog home 4.5 miles each day.  I have been hesitant to jog on a regular basis due to the natural pressure of wear-and-tear on mechanical parts.  I was addicted to running in my 30’s and 40’s, so the path to recovery for that addiction had already been … Read the rest

Tim Bratten’s Revision Surgery with Dr. De Smet 2012

November 9, 2015

I am coming up on 4 years post revision to a THR done by Koen De Smet and this is not necessarily the horror that everyone here paints it out to be. I regularly jog, hike, backpack, rock climb and boulder and my revision to THR works great. In fact, I am much more active than other people I know my age who have not had hip surgery. Anyways, even if revision is the last resort option, if the surgery is done by an accomplished surgeon who uses a good implant system (mine is ceramic on ceramic:

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MPH Runs Sprint Trithlon at 11 months post op

On 13th December, exactly 11 months post right hip BHR I completed a sprint triathlon. Did a fair bit of running from August, gradually increasing distance and speed, plus a load of cycling and swimming. Loads of time spent getting it right and I don’t even think of it.


January 13, 2015

This morning Andrew Shimmin fitted a Birmingham 52mm head and 58mm to my blown out right hip. A morning spent shopping with Mrs H got rid of any doubts about surgery it ached so much.

The journey has begun, and to be honest, the worst bit was … Read the rest

Jake’s Hip Resurfacing Story with Dr. Gross 2015

December 6, 2015

I had right hip resurfaced in March by Dr Gross.  Recovery has gone well, started back in the gym after 2 months with biking, bodyweight exercises and light weights.   I slowly worked myself back onto the treadmill around 6 months and today I ran my first 5K.  Running was never my thing so it wouldn’t have bothered me if I was unable to run again.  Fortunately, since I can run again, it meant a lot to be able to complete the race with no hip pain.  Everything else hurt when I was done but the hip held

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Dave’s Bilateral HR 2010/2014 Return to Running

May 6, 2015

So its been 7 months since my Left HR and 6 Years since my Right HR.
And I have not run for at least seven years, mainly because after making a good recovery from my first op I started to slowly suffer in my other hip.

But last week I ran  my first 5k run. Very slow and was hurting by the end of it, but felt fantastic all the same. Funny thing is it was the older hip playing up. I am putting it down to tight hip flexors or something ( backed up by my … Read the rest

Kiwi Boy’s Return to Competition

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December 20, 2015

It’s now 17 months post Op., and I’m back !!! ;D  on the “horse” and doing OK.

I had my first Tri in 20 months, Olympic Distance and survived well. :)  It’s been a longer slow road to recovery, but it sure has paid dividends. THANKS PAT !! :)

My race went OK and was happy with the Swim and Bike, but found the Run a “bit off the pace”. Approx., at the 05:00pkm pace. This is to be expected, and like all triathletes, expect to fly in the first race, but it doesn’t happen … Read the rest

GZ’s Xmas Ride Mr. Treacy 2015

December 25, 2015

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Gave myself a christmas treat and went for my first post op ride.Just over three months since my BHR,and feeling good so got hold of some troy Lee padded shorts and did a 23km hilly road ride on my MTB.It was my old after work quick training loop which I used to in 58 mins. Just managed 1h6mins in bad wind and rain,so quite pleased for the first outing in a while. Hip feels fine,wish I could say the same for the fat belly hanging over the top of my shorts .Can … Read the rest