Doug Ribley’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Brooks 2013

I wanted to share what I believe to be a compelling story related to my BHR procedure. I received my new Birmingham hip 14 months ago from Dr. Brooks at Euclid Hospital (A Cleveland Clinic Hospital) after another physician suggested that I may be a candidate for the BHR as opposed to a total hip. I went through this procedure at Euclid Hospital under the care and direction of Dr. Peter Brooks and his team after returning from a trip to China where I was representing the USA in a team water skiing competition.… Read the rest

Short-term Results of BHR in US 2015

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August 20, 2015

Previous data on the survivorship of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) implant have come from design surgeons and large national databases outside of the United States, and there is a lack of reported outcomes of surface replacement arthroplasty from US centers. A retrospective study was undertaken of 1271 hips treated with a BHR system (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, Tennessee) between June 2006 and September 2008 at 6 high-volume total joint centers in the United States. ..

…At 2 to 4 years of follow-up, the revision rate and the major complication rate with the … Read the rest

Hip Resurfacing Implants 2015

Matteo Cadossi, MD, PhD; Giuseppe Tedesco, MD; Andrea Sambri, MD; Antonio Mazzotti, MD; Sandro Giannini, MD

August 20, 2015

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…Hip resurfacing offers a suitable solution for young patients affected by hip disease who have high function demands and good bone quality. Bone stock preservation, restoration of the normal proximal femur anatomy, the lack of stress shielding, and the possibility of resuming sporting activity are proven advantages of hip resurfacing. However, there are some disadvantages, such as fracture of the femoral neck, onset of neck narrowing,… Read the rest

Luz’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gross 2014

January 12, 2014

Just had HRS on LHASA with Dr. Gross on 1-6-14.

January 20, 2012

I’m a 51 year old female who has been super active and fit since my teen years. I have played tennis, but had to give it up, moved on to road cycling and finally had to give that up this past summer. The only thing I could still do with minor pain was ballroom dancing and some yoga. I was diagnosed with LHOA around 4 years ago and the only option I was always given was THR. Of course I stayed in denial and … Read the rest

Lyn’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gross 2012

September 3, 2012

I’m 5 days post op now and feeling remarkably well. I feel much better than I thought would. I want to thank everybody for thoughts and encouragement . I dont want to get ahead of myself . I need to realize there will probably be some difficult times with recovery.

September 4, 2012

Dr. Gross said surgery went well. But I knew better to say I was feeling remarkably well, because in 24 hrs I had horrible problem with my stomach due to meds, it was probably the narcotics talking for me earlier. I’m just doing Tylenol … Read the rest

Patrick’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Gross 2012

DoB 13 Sep 39, Right Hip Resurface, no cement, steel/molybdenum on 17 Oct 12.  By Dr Gross, Columbia, SC,  Age when operated on = 73.  Current age 75.  Back to full range of activity – running, bicycling, skiing, etc. 
Developed osteoarthritis, hip mobility limits and pain at age 67 in 2007.  Drs told me I would probably need hip replacement.  I asked when and they told me I would tell them.  I changed cardio activity from running to biking and did more stretching and resistance exercise.  As time passed I was progressively more limited in activity and unable to … Read the rest

Karl’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. De Smet 2015

I have now had the operation from Dr De Smet for my hips.

Pretty courageous move to achieve.

Interesting he used the Conserve plus device in the end in which I thought he would.

He is not biased in any way just what he thinks works best.

My surgery was very, very tricky due to the FAI surgery I had in NZ as they took away much needed bone that he could have used both on the pelvis rim and the Femur.

I had to have cemented femur components in the end as he did not wish to take the … Read the rest

Dr. Gross of South Carolina Discusses hip resurfacing for women and small men

The continuing controversy – Thomas P. Gross MD. 7/4/2015

Young women who desire a more functional hip replacement were recently dealt a large blow  when the smaller sizes of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing  (BHR) device were withdrawn from the market by Smith Nephew Richards because the 10-year revision rate for women was higher than for men in most large registry analyses. (The major national registries are Australia, Combined Scandinavia, and Great Britain).

Joint implant registries estimate an overall failure rate for different implants when used by the average surgeon in a country. Specialist surgeons can typically perform better than these … Read the rest

Dr. Voelker of Germany Discusses hip resurfacing for women and small men

Dear Patricia,

I would like to comment on Smith&Nephew’s BHR decision to exclude females and smaller sizes than 48 mm.

The decision has been based on the renewed NICE criteria. I wouldn’t say that I don’t want best outcomes for all of my patients. But if you compare those criteria to other surgical outcomes it looks extremely strict. I think it would be just consequent if the collected data would have been collected the same way. The data results could never be lets call it clean like they have been collected. They are naturally influenced by so many things. For … Read the rest

Dr. Pritchett of WA Discusses Hip Resfacing for women and small men

Pat: Thanks for asking. In my view Smith & Nephew has acted responsibly. I have not been offering metal on metal resurfacing in the withdrawn smaller sizes. We have been offering just polyethylene in these sizes. I am attaching my abstract for an upcoming meeting.

Yes, we use the implants shown on the Synovo Preserve site.

We offer this to both men and women. We always use a cementless acetabular component and usually a cementless femoral component as well.

Let me know the best way to reach patients. We are happy to talk with patients.

I am concerned that … Read the rest