Dr. Pritchett Discusses Hip Resurfacing for Women and Small Men

http://surfacehippy.info/10-year-results-highly-cross-linked-polyethlene-pritchett-2015.php Pat: Thanks for asking. In my view Smith & Nephew has acted responsibly. I have not been offering metal on metal resurfacing in the withdrawn smaller sizes. We have been offering just polyethylene in these sizes. I am attaching my abstract for an upcoming meeting. Yes, we use the implants shown on the Synovo Preserve site. We offer this to both men and women. We always use a cementless acetabular component and usually a cementless femoral component as well. Let me know the best way to reach patients. We are happy to talk with patients. I am concerned that patients might misinterpret the recent decision by Smith & Nephew as not supportive of resurfacing. As you know resurfacing is alive and well and works better than ever. We actually have more rather than less to offer patient. James Pritchett MD bonerecon@aol.com

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